Super 8 sales, scanning, restoration and preservation

DVD Infinity is the world leader with respect to Super 8 movies, DVD and Blu-ray and has a reputation for unmatched quality with a number of firsts under its belt.

First in Australia to
  • provide professional DVD authoring services to consumer and corporate customers.
  • provide professional Super 8 film scanning services.
  • provide professional Blu-ray authoring services to consumer and corporate customers.
  • provide professional Super 8 movie to Blu-ray scanning services.

First in Southern Hemisphere to
  • professionally scan small gauge film.
  • professionally scan small gauge film in hi definition with full colour separation.
  • offer film restoration for small gauge movie film.

Super 8 Film

DVD Infinity commenced producing high quality DVDs for its customers in 2000. We have been creating and improving systems for small gauge movie film transfer, restoration and preservation since then. A number of years ago an article in Australian Macworld showed that our company had the very best quality in transferring super 8 film. However, we have improved in leaps and bounds since then.

Our customers include well known movie stars and TV personalities, royalty, TV stations, production houses, state libraries, government departments, large corporations and archivists as well as people from all around the world just like you who desire the very best quality possible from your old home movies. We are proud to have happy customers in over 40 countries showing and telling others of the work that we have done.

We provide support for Super 8 from beginning to end. We sell the stock, process it, sell the consumables (reels, cement, splices, etc), scan the processed film, restore and preserve it, all at the very highest quality possible. If you want a professional, trusted company who has been at the forefront of small gauge film transfer and restoration for over one and a half decades then there is no need to look further.

Nobody in the world transfers and restores your home movies and short films to DVD, Bluray and USB like DVD Infinity!
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